Friday, January 6, 2017

Renos With Rosie - Basil and Martin get a new home!

If you take one look at Basil; with the mutton-chop whiskers and the big burly frame, you would probably think that the name was appropriate. turns out that Basil is a girl bunny, surprise surprise!
Lesson: it's hard to tell the sex of a bunny when they're little, you might want to wait a bit to name them, just to avoid confusion.

Her friend Martin is a boy bunny but it's Basil who wears the pants in the family. After all, she was there first before April decided to find her a friend at the animal shelter.

She's a bit possessive and doesn't like it when Martin gets too much attention. 

These two roommates have one other roommate, my daughter April, and they all happily share a basement suite together.

Basil though, has been a bit ornery in the past and clearly needed something to cheer her up and help her to chill out and enjoy life. 

It was obvious to Rose and April that Basil needed a re-decorating project to make her life complete and happy. 

That's where I come in.

Being our Grand-bunnies, Rose and I (mostly Rose) are always interested in how the fury little varmints are getting on. So a little browsing of the web on the part of my wife and daughter eventually led, as it so often does, to an exciting new project for me.....Yay!

"Dad can you build Basil & Martin a new hutch?" 


The next thing you know I'm building a plywood and chicken wire "home in the country" for my daughters two furry hoppers.

I built it so that it has an open bottom and they can go into it in the yard and spend a delightful afternoon munching down the grass. Once a patch is cleared out, you just pick it up and move it to a fresh patch and voila' a tasty new spot to snack on.

The Country House

I imagined that they would scramble joyously up and down the little ramp, having a great time but what do I know about bunnies. April tells me that she's never seen them use the ramp, they just hop up and after a bit, they hop down. Who knew? 

The country house was such a hit that eventually the pressure was on to build them a new indoor house as well. This was a much bigger project and took Rose and I a few hours of thinking and shopping for just the right materials. 

After that it was about 25 hours of work to build this 7' long luxury bunny dwelling. Rose and I spent a few lovely days batting around ideas on the go as our plan gradually came together, but it turned out beautifully and the two bunnies seem to love it. 

Must have a fenced in yard

The City House Foundation goes in
Add waterproof liner...
The actual house - with a front and back door

And of course a roof top deck

Rose talked me into adding an extra door in the lower section and it's a big hit, when she's at home sometimes, April leaves the door open and Basil and Martin can hop in and out as much as they like, apparently this is great fun!

The only problem other than the fact that they love to nibble on the exposed wood inside the new hutch is that one of the little nut-bars took about a month to learn how to come down through the hole from the top level to the bottom one.

Poor silly Basil would climb upstairs with no problem and then get stuck there until someone came along to put her back into the lower section. 

What's so difficult I ask? It's just a hole in the floor, don't bunnies love burrows?

April had to keep something heavy over the hole so the dumb bunny didn't trap herself upstairs where there s no food or water. April would come home from work and find a very forlorn looking rabbit sitting in the loft (upstairs section), apparently trapped there (by the scary looking hole in the floor) for hours. 

Martin comes up for a cuddle

April feeds Martin a treat

Now it's Basil's turn

Once again I wracked my brain for ideas but thankfully, watching Martin easily scramble up and down, up and down all day eventually led to Basil also learning how to do it. 

We were out somewhere when I got a text from April and I quote:

"Woohoo, bunny breakthrough!! Basil can officially go down the hole now LOL, it just took her a while!"

Boy was I glad to hear that! 

The things you do for your kids.....and their Bunnies.