Sunday, November 6, 2011

Room 1219 - An Appointment With Jesus

Jesus entered the room at 1:07 am.

I felt him come in, accompanied by a freshening of the air, like that quality that follows a light spring rain. It was almost like a mist in the air, but without any moisture. Imagine walking through an herb garden, with dew on the grass and the crisp, clean, healthy smell of mint surrounding you, that’s as close as I can come to describing what it was like. I didn’t really speak to him- at least not out loud, but I welcomed him, and he knew that I was aware.

What passed between him and mom was a private thing, only for those two to know the details, but I could tell that it was alright. It was another incidence of the graciousness of God, that he allowed me to be in the room and aware of his presence that night. For some reason, he loves me, and I guess he wanted me to be a witness. It is beyond my understanding, but I am eternally grateful. At the time I wasn’t really aware of the purpose of his visit, or much at all except for those two things: Jesus was there with mom, and it was okay.

Looking back now (five hours later) I think that’s when he took her away. Sure her body kept on breathing for a few more hours until she drew her last breath at 5:58 am, December 3, 2008, after an eleven year struggle with cancer. But I believe that she was long gone from the shell that she had worn for 76 years. She had left sometime after 1:07 am, in the company of a Great, Just, and Merciful God, and it was going to be all right!

A True Story

Bernice Petry (Mom)
In Her Lakedell High Sweater

Copyright - Doug Petry

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